Come rebuild venture and increase the pace of innovation

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Come rebuild venture and increase the pace of innovation

Our engineering team builds the technical infrastructure that fuels innovation and unlocks the power of ownership for more people.

Moving forward at Carta

Shape the future

Shape the future

Shape the future

Most of Carta’s long-term success will come from solutions and technology that have yet to be built. From creating customer-facing enterprise tools to powering the timely transfers of billions of dollars, the Carta engineering team offers unique opportunities to develop innovative products, platforms, and infrastructure.

How we hire

How we hire

How we hire

Our data-driven, iterative, and objective interview process uses standardized rubrics to measure a candidate’s ability to not only succeed but truly thrive at Carta. We care deeply about giving our engineers opportunities to tap into their strengths and grow their skill sets.

What Cartans build

We develop new products and simplify systems for innovators everywhere.

Cap Table

We’ve eliminated the spreadsheet from equity management, and our enterprise tools give companies direct control over their equity and deep insight into company ownership.

Carta Total Compensation

Carta Total Comp is a fully integrated platform that enables private companies to determine fair and competitive compensation for their employees, in both cash and equity, guided by rigorous data analysis and industry-leading benchmarks.

Venture Capital

Carta’s platform gives investors a better way to run their funds, manage their back-office, and provides a real-time dashboard with accurate updates on fund performance metrics.


Our LLC team tackles unique types of equity structures for all types of companies that want to share ownership. We engineer products for private equity, professional services, and non-venture capital customers and empower them to manage their company’s equity ownership.


Thousands of companies, from biotech to crypto, depend on Carta’s financial analysis and pioneering automation to maintain their long-term success. Our platform has valued hundreds of billions of dollars in assets and calculates more than 15,000 409A valuations per year.

Data & Analytics

Carta’s rich information systems are data-focused solutions that increase revenue, reduce margins, and improve data quality. Our reports turn data into actionable information, giving nuanced insights that enhance performance across our entire organization.

Financial Products & Infrastructure

The Financial Products & Infrastructure team builds tools that enable our customers to seamlessly transfer billions of dollars a year, leveraging third-party integrations to provide highly reliable, accurate, and timely transactions. Our payment engineering minimizes risk throughout the money movement lifecycle and ensures AML and KYC compliance.

Tech Infrastructure

Our Infrastructure team’s scalable and reliable platform is the critical underpinning of Carta’s hyper-growth. They plan and execute best practices in site reliability and security to empower developer innovation and enhance product excellence.


Carta is building the first vertically integrated market for private company and private fund transactions. Our tools and transactional capabilities allow stakeholders—not only at startups but also from late-stage enterprises and public companies—to convert their investment ownership into liquidity.

Equity Platform

Managing equity is at Carta’s core, and our models and pipelines asynchronously aggregate complex ownership data and generate detailed financial reports for all of our products.

Equity Advisory

Our Equity Advisory team provides expert tax advice and equity education for your team. You’ve made your employees owners—now empower them with access to expert tax advisors and resources to understand their equity’s potential.

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