Communicate comp, equity, and upside

Show employees the full current and future value of their compensation packages with the Total Rewards Statement.

Icons Hero | Total Rewards | "Demonstrate true value"

Demonstrate true value

Make it easy for current and future employees to visualize the full value of their compensation packages and future earning potential.

Icons Hero | Total Rewards | "Retain your team"

Retain your team

Attrition is expensive. Show employees the points at which bonuses, pay raises, or vesting occur during their career trajectory to keep them engaged.

Icons Hero | Total Rewards | "Make equity easy to understand"

Make equity easy to understand

Help your employees make sense of complex equity topics with Carta’s extensive educational resources.


Summary tables show employees their annual compensation including base salary, target variable pay, equity value vesting over the next 12 months, and the annual value of company-provided benefits and perks.


With the compensation projection tool, employees can explore different scenarios based on valuation growth, annual salary increases, and variable pay attainment.


Employees can explore what their equity might be worth in different company value scenarios using the in-app equity value calculator.

Communicate true value with Carta