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Build with equity, together

Carta’s API platform unlocks equity data across private markets – empowering customers and partners with their ownership.
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Streamlined onboarding and consolidated resources

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Self-service test access

Leverage Carta test data during implementation easily through our developer portal.

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Developer support

Access documentation, guidance and resources to help you every step of the way.

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Reference guides

Get onboarding tips, common integration use cases and implementation patterns based on your needs.

Designed to support your team’s unique use cases

In the last year, Carta debuted four API suites for ecosystem partners:

Getting started

What is the timing for getting API access?

Carta’s API platform is currently in a beta phase with a limited number of partners. Broader API access will be available in early 2024. If you are interested, fill out the  API partner waitlist form , and we will provide updates later this year.

Where can I find API information to learn more?

Check out our  API Documentation  to explore Carta’s developer platform more in-depth. The  API Reference Quickstart Guide , and  Playground Environment  are great starting points.

Where can I find API information to learn more?

Yes, Carta offers a  mocking service . We invite you to experiment with our mocking service while waiting for broader API access in 2024. It doesn’t require genuine credentials and always returns static but valid responses to your requests.

Build with equity, together

Build your business with Carta’s API platform to better support your team’s unique use cases.