Compound is the latest partner to integrate Carta’s API to improve users’ wealth management experience

17 May 2023
The Carta Team

Starting today, Compound clients with Carta accounts can view their equity holdings within their Compound wealth management accounts. 

“Compound is a modern, personal wealth manager for tech people—and over two million people in the tech startup ecosystem use Carta to manage their equity,” said Jordan Gonen, CEO at Compound. “Partnering with Carta was a no-brainer. The API integration creates a better all-around experience for our clients, who rely on our platform and team to manage their wealth holistically.”

With this integration, Compound clients will be able to view all their financial data in one place on the Compound dashboard—making it easier to track net worth, model taxes, organize financial documents, and project cash flow. 

The integration saves time for Compound wealth advisors, who will have immediate access to Carta’s equity information so they can help clients make the best possible decisions concerning their financial well-being. 

“Our new integration with Compound makes it easier for people to make decisions around their equity—whether that’s exercising their options or managing finances after a liquidity event,” said Vrushali Paunikar, chief product officer at Carta. “Ultimately, the integration helps people make the most of their equity ownership—something that’s core to our mission at Carta.” 

Compound was included in Carta’s  API public beta phasem and is one of the first integrations built on Carta’s Portfolio API, which allows personal finance management partners to aggregate holdings in financial planning applications. For Compound clients interested in connecting their Carta and Compound accounts, simply link your Carta account within the Compound application to see your holdings on Carta.

In the last year, Carta has debuted four core APIs for ecosystem partners:

  • Issuer APIto help organizations view client data on their proprietary platforms (integrated by Cooley LLP, Rippling). 

  • Launch API to seamlessly create and set up new Carta accounts (integrated by Firstbase, Cooley LLP).  

  • Investor API to allow fund operators to retrieve summary cap table insights for their portfolio holdings. 

  • Portfolio APIto allow personal finance management partners to aggregate holdings in financial planning applications (integrated by Compound). 

For Compound clients interested in signing up for Carta, use this referral link to get started. For Carta users interested in signing up for Compound, get started here

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