Now you can use Rippling and Carta together

Now you can use Rippling and Carta together

Author: The Carta Team
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Published date:  April 26, 2022
Carta’s salary and equity compensation software works with Rippling’s HR employee management platform to show people management and equity data in one place.

At Carta, we think that managing your team’s equity compensation and people operations should happen together. “Compensation” means both salary and equity—it should be easy to see the entire story for each employee at a glance.

We’re excited to announce Carta’s new API integration with Rippling. Now, you can manage your team’s equity and people operations on the same platform. Any changes you make to your equity administration plan in Carta or to your HR policies in Rippling will sync across both platforms, so you don’t need to shuffle data between two different systems.

HR professionals and managers use Rippling to manage employee data and operations—including recruiting, onboarding, and retaining employees. Carta data enhances all of these features and more. The two-way integration makes it a seamless experience to recruit, onboard, and retain talent at private companies that pay employees with equity

Here’s what Carta can do to enhance the Rippling experience: 

  • View all of your equity data from Carta and salary data from Rippling in one place. That gives you a real-time, 360-degree view of your employees’ compensation without having to switch between systems.

  • Spot retention risks and automate equity admin work by building no-code workflows. You can now use Carta data to build workflows that help automate manual work. Let’s say one of your employees is approaching their final equity vesting date, which will drop their current pay below a specific threshold. That employee can be flagged as a retention risk, and you can increase their total comp, if necessary, before they start exploring other opportunities.

  • Automatically sync key HR changes with Carta. Eliminate the administrative burden of keeping both systems up to date when employee events occur. For example, terminating an employee with Rippling will instantly trigger termination in their Carta account and prompt a review and confirmation of their final equity vesting date.

  • Safely allow managers to view their team’s equity in Rippling.If you’re a manager, now you don’t have to go to HR, Finance, or Legal to find out how much equity each of your direct reports has. 

Interested in syncing cap table management and total compensation software with your Rippling account? Set up the integration here. And if you’re not a Rippling user, this is one of many API integrations we’ll be rolling out to help companies streamline their total compensation. Learn more about our other integrations and stay tuned.

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