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Issue equity and SAFEs, track ownership, and manage your cap table for free with Carta’s platform for early-stage founders.

21,000+ early stage founders got their start on Carta Launch and secured nearly $24B in funding

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Fundraise with confidence

Carta makes it easy to raise your round, start to finish. Collecting signatures, communicating with investors, and even money movement—it all happens on Carta.

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Save time and eliminate errors

Carta is the only provider authorized to hold, issue, and transact your company stock, ensuring that no data is lost and every cap table is the source of truth.

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Get expert support

Our dedicated Carta Launch team has the experience to guide you through any scenario and is here to help you every step of the way by phone, email, and in-app chat.


Understand your most critical tax considerations and manage IRS compliance requirements for you and your employees with easy-to-generate 83(b) documents and Rule 701 disclosures.


Issue shares and get board approvals from one platform. Easily view QSBS eligibility status, understand tax obligations, and generate tax forms like 83(b).


Organize all of your investor documents in secure data rooms that are password protected, expire on a set schedule, and are easily shareable with your investors.

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Experience the difference of fundraising with the world’s best tools, industry data, and experts at your fingertips.

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