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Form your business, issue ownership, get connected with a banking partner, and get an EIN number—starting at $399.


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Use our tools and resources to fairly split equity among founders and discover investor insights.


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Get free access to perks and credits (like AWS, Brex, Stripe, and more) to start your business on the right foot.

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Build your company

We’ve partnered with one of the best-in-class vendors to help you incorporate your company, get an EIN number, and get connected to a banking partner—starting at $399.

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Get answers

Go beyond the basics. Learn everything from how to split equity between co-founders to what SAFE fundraising looks like to which entity type you should consider when creating your company.

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Enjoy exclusive perks

Carta Founder Studio offers exclusive perks and offers from Carta’s partners.

Get over $100k in discounts and credits for cloud computing and accounting, HR tools, project management software, and more (subject to terms and conditions).

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