Let’s create more owners

Join us in building the infrastructure that accelerates innovation and empowers more ownership.

Carta is a place where everyone can be the best version of themselves

Our identity traits

We look for and nurture these character qualities in every Cartan.


The greatest gift we can offer is helping one another be successful. Helping others inspires them to be helpful too, igniting a virtuous cycle of teamwork. Being helpful accelerates results. It is our competitive advantage.


We don’t give up. Tenacity, grit, and perseverance are in short supply in the world. We have them in spades. Doing valuable things is hard and requires sustained effort. We relentlessly pursue our vision.


Unconventional companies are built unconventionally. We are first-principles thinkers fearlessly questioning tradition. We imagine the world how it should be rather than accepting how it is.


Many people are nice. Few are kind. Kindness is meeting people where they are, not where you want them to be. It is seeing the best in others and treating them with the best in you. It is to be so big as to take no offense and so noble as to never give it.

Our operating principles

These tenets define our culture, guide our actions, and allow us all to do our best work.

We act as owners.

We are all owners of Carta. We make decisions to help Carta, the global entity, realize its vision over our team or ourselves. Politics have no place at Carta. We have one north star and it is to build the vision of Carta.

We are masters of our craft.

Tactics inform strategy. While most people get bored with repetition we, like professional athletes, embrace repetition as opportunities to practice. We find beauty in detail and satisfaction in mastery. We develop expertise by understanding the details of everything we do. There is no level of detail that is beneath us.

We solve problems.

The atomic unit of Carta is the problem. Solving problems creates a step function change in the world. Every problem we solve today opens the door for more problems to solve tomorrow. We are heat seeking missiles looking for problems to solve to help our customers and each other.

We play in the open.

Transparency is the checksum on integrity. We work and communicate out in the open for all to see. We don’t trade on rumors and don’t believe in secrets. Transparency makes everyone at Carta a better decision maker. Information is power, so we share it.

We have a bias to action.

We move fast. We are fearless when trying something new. We are comfortable taking on risk in pursuit of a new idea, because the biggest risk in our business is missing a good idea. We ask what could go right, and relentlessly find the fastest path to value.

We seek to simplify.

We use our intellectual firepower to create simple and elegant solutions to complex problems. In everything we do, we strive to make things as simple as possible, but no simpler.

We embrace constraints.

We are gritty. We would rather operate with constraints than abundance because constraints breed ingenuity, resourcefulness, and creativity. When we start a project we ask how much can we accomplish in a certain timeframe or budget, not how much time or budget we need to accomplish the project.

We optimize first derivatives.

Progress matters more than perfection. While others focus on absolute value goals, we obsess over getting better every day. The single biggest determinant of our success is how fast we get better.

We are accountable.

Accuracy, reliability, and security are core to recreating the world’s financial infrastructure and creating capital markets that work for everyone. We earn our customers’ trust through every decision that we make. Velocity and care can move together, it is just harder to do. We rise to that challenge every day.

We live our mission.

We strive to create a fairer and more equitable world, and that starts with us. We celebrate each other’s unique strengths and actively seek out new and diverse perspectives to help us grow. We assume the best of each other and bring the best of ourselves. We build the company we want to work for, together.

We do the right thing.

Most people make decisions using an Expected Value calculation. We don’t. We make decisions by asking, “what’s the right thing to do?” Doing the right thing is how we balance competing perspectives and near-term and long-term goals.

Meet some of our team

Anna Centrella
Anna Centrella
Director of Sales Development
I am surrounded by passionate problem solvers who care about each other and want to make equity available to all.
Peter Walker
Peter Walker
Head of Insights
When we put data out into our ecosystem, invariably one or more founders will reply that a statistic helped them close a round or make a key hire. I love helping startups grow.
Karen Tjhan
Karen Tjhan
Lead Program Manager
The best part about being at Carta is the freedom to directly impact the organization with the work I do, and subsequently seeing the incredible evolution of the company so far.

Building unconventionally

Building unconventionally

Building unconventionally

Real innovation is a team effort. Cartans solve problems and create solutions, together.

Equity for all

3 people having conversation while walking in office

Equity for all

Creating a more inclusive culture begins with empowering each Cartan to own our mission for inclusion, equity, and impact.

Creating owners everywhere

Cartans live and work across the world, because expanding ownership takes a global effort.

San Francisco, USA
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San Francisco, USA
333 Bush Street
Suite 2300
San Francisco, CA 94104
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New York, USA
One World Trade Center
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Washington, DC
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Rio de Janeiro, BR
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Praia do Flamengo
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158 Cecil Street, #10-01
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Sydney, AU
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Hub Customs House
Level 3, 31 Alfred Street,
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Hub Anzac Square
Level 6, 200 Adelaide Street,
Brisbane City 4000 Queensland
London, U.K.
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Fora – Montacute Yards,
London, E1 6HU
Copenhagen, DK
Copenhagen, DK
Nannasgade 28
DK-2200 Copenhagen N
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