Carta for private equity

Manage your portfolio companies all in one platform

Carta’s platform allows you to see cap tables in real time, run allocation waterfalls across each portfolio company, and view your consolidated portfolio—all from one place.

How does Carta help you manage equity?

Icon Hero | Partners | Private Equity | "Centralized source of truth"

Centralized source of truth

With all equity transactions taking place on Carta, cap tables are updated automatically and always accurate.

Icon Hero | Partners | Private Equity | "Waterfall modeling"

Waterfall modeling

Plan for the future. Understand the payout at various exit scenarios and run quarterly valuations.

Icon Hero | Partners | Private Equity | "Streamline your equity issuance"

Streamline your equity issuance

Deal teams can spend less time updating cap tables and issuing securities, giving them time back to focus on making deals.

Icon Hero 2 | Partners | Private Equity | "Automate K-1 distributions"

Automate K-1 distributions

Instead of manually sending K-1s every year, Carta will securely send them for you.

Icon Hero 2 | Partners | Private Equity | "Audit-ready valuations"

Audit-ready valuations

Get fast liquidation threshold and profit interest valuations.

Icon Hero 2 | Partners | Private Equity | "Preferred by stakeholders"

Preferred by stakeholders

Participants are kept up to date with in-app communications and are able to easily accept securities and track their vesting.


Carta is not just for your portfolio companies. We help thousands of investors with equity management, fund administration, ASC 820 valuations, and portfolio management and analytics.

Work with Carta

Our team will work with you to tailor a solution suited to your portfolio and fund structure. We can work across equity structures, investment strategies, and operating practices.