Manage ownership for your business or fund

The equity management platform built for LLCs and Private Equity.

Included in every plan

  • For LLCs (non-PE or PE-backed)
  • Track ownership, manage equity plans with different vesting schedules and distribution rules
  • Centralize equity and tax documents
  • Dedicated interest holder portal and equity transparency
  • Manage ownership across multiple entities
  • For PE fund administration
  • Full-service fund accounting team provides strategic advice and support
  • Real-time metrics from one centralized dashboard
  • Comprehensive scenario modeling tools
  • Expert tax and audit support
Add-on for companies
Financial Reporting
Automated ASC 718 expense and disclosure reports
  • Automated financial reporting
  • Disclosures
  • Audit support
Add-on for companies
Waterfall Modeling
Run any model with our customizable engine
  • Tailored to enterprise valuation, exit date, and vesting behavior
  • Integrated with your cap table
  • Exportable summaries
Add-on for companies
Accurate distributions without the spreadsheets
  • Integrated with your cap table
  • Communicate with stakeholders
  • Accurately calculate amounts
Add-on for companies
Request and receive accurate valuations—fast
  • 409A valuations
  • Liquidation threshold support
  • Profit interest valuations
Add-on for PE funds
ASC 820 Valuations
Accurate, audit-ready investment valuations
  • Fully or partially manage your valuations process
  • Accurate, definable calculations
  • Consistent financial reporting
Add-on for PE funds
Fund Tax
Fund accounting and taxes in one place
  • Easily connect your back office
  • Get draft K-1s one day after the year ends
  • Tax filings including Form 1065s

Frequently asked questions

What types of securities can be managed on Carta?

Profit Interests, Management Incentive Units, Capital Interests, Phantom Units, UARs/EARs, Options, Preferred Units, Common Units, and LTIPS.

How does ownership management across multiple entities work with Carta?

Carta is built to track all of your entities ownership in one account. Admins can toggle between the cap tables and view multi-entity ownership structures all in one place.

How does pricing work?

Pricing is based on the number of interest holders. Please get in touch with us so we can customize a quote for your company.

Manage ownership for your business or fund