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No matter your ownership structure, Carta provides the guidance and software to manage all things equity.

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Icons Hero | LLC | "Manage any ownership structure"

Manage any ownership structure

Whether your company is just getting started or is long-established with multiple entities, it’s easy to issue equity and track ownership with Carta.

Icons Hero | LLC | "Model future scenarios"

Model future scenarios

Understand payouts to your members at various exit thresholds and automatically calculate distribution amounts.

Icons Hero | LLC | "Stay compliant"

Stay compliant

Get fast, audit-ready 409A, liquidation threshold, or profits interest valuations that meet IRS compliance standards and give you peace of mind.


Easily execute online agreements for issuing new equity interests and automate generation and filing of 83(b) election forms.

ASC 718

Your cap table is always up to date with issuances, purchases, and transactions so you can pull accurate expense and disclosure reports for profits interests with just a few clicks every time.


Calculate, record, and share distributions on current profits, tax, dividends, or preferred returns.


Store all equity and tax documents, including operating agreements, amendments, and form K-1s in secure data rooms and easily share them with members.


Want to bring employee ownership to your company? LLC Blueprints is your guide to building an equity plan, step-by-step.

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