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Carta empowers you with the valuation services, scenario modeling tools, and compliance support you need to grow and plan for the future.

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80% of VC-backed companies rely on Carta for audit-ready 409A valuations. Our experts ensure the nuances of your business are accounted for and leverage Carta’s proprietary software to deliver fast, cost-effective, accurate 409As.


Carta’s scenario modeling tool offers sensitivity and breakpoint analysis, payout and dilution modeling, and pro-forma cap tables so you can understand the impacts of terms, fundraising, and exits.


Leverage Carta Total Compensation’s latest labor market data, benchmarking resources, and forecasting tools to avoid overspending on salary and equity compensation.


Carta helps you run liquidity events while controlling exactly who is moved on and off your cap table. All post-transaction administration is handled through Carta, allowing you to design and execute the liquidity program best suited to your company and stakeholders.

Expert compliance guidance

Carta’s cap table software automatically tracks every stock exercise and generates the required Form 3921 and 83(b) elections in seconds.


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