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Over 30,000 companies and investors rely on Carta’s equity management platform, valuations, and services. We work with every customer to find a price, plan, and solution that fits your needs.

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We’re the future of fund administration

Carta combines a world-class service team with superior technology to help administer your fund. Stop worrying about your back office and spend more time on deals. Our pricing is based on the size and complexity of your fund.

Real-time reporting

Don’t wait for quarterly updates. Carta’s fund admin dashboard has up-to-date metrics and reports when you need them.


Experienced fund accountants

Our team of 200 fund administrators will partner with you to administer your back office and maintain your general ledger.


All in one place

With Carta, you can communicate with LPs, access portfolio company data, and your entire fund’s data in one place.

Plus everything you need to manage your fund, in one place.

Get audit-ready valuations

Our team of valuations experts can take care of all your valuation needs with efficiency and accuracy.
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Easily communicate with your LPs

Use our LP portal to enable your LPs to quickly and securely access documents and fund-level performance data.
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Manage your SPVs easily

Form and close your SPV with Carta, and we’ll take care of everything from start to finish.
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Model your investments

Our scenario modeling features sensitivity and breakpoint analysis, payout and dilution modeling, and pro forma cap tables.

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