QSBS attestation

Optimize your equity tax benefit with QSBS

Pay fewer taxes on your equity and increase stakeholder profits with the Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS) tax exemption.

Rely on a dedicated team of experts to simplify the traditionally complicated QSBS process, so you can save on your equity taxes.
  • Establish your company’s eligibility dates
  • Easy qualification process
  • Detailed list of eligible securities
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Give your shareholders confidence with automatic notifications on whether any of their shares are QSBS-verified or eligible to easily stay informed.
  • Centralized admin dashboard
  • In-product tagging of eligible securities
  • Personalized QSBS letters
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Receive continual support on QSBS tax exemption implications and work with experts to develop strategies for maintaining eligibility.
  • Automatic eligibility checks with every 409A
  • Access records of previous assessments
  • Unlimited support for maintaining QSB-status
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What is QSBS?

Understand what the Qualified Small Business Stock tax exemption is, and why it's so important.

Looking for equity tax advice? Provide your team support from real experts.

Learn more
Get guidance and dedicated support to make the most of your QSBS eligibility.
Determine timelines
UI of QSB Status with eligible shares
Establish the dates of your company's eligibility and easily monitor QSB status.
Easily identify eligible shares
UI of QSBS Status with eligibility and share amount
Determine which securities meet the holding requirements for QSBS.
Receive attestation letters
UI of QSBS letters and status
Get documentation for tax filing purposes within ten business days.
Access expert support
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Create strategies in order to maintain QSB status with easy to book sessions.
UI of QSB Status with eligible shares


You have questions, we have resources and answers.
Do I need to be a Carta customer to access QSBS Attestation?

Yes, you need to be onboarded onto Carta to request QSBS Attestation. Learn more about pricing and plans here .

How can I verify QSBS eligibility?

Carta’s team of tax experts reviews your QSBS eligibility for you – so that you can be 100% certain you qualify before making important financial decisions.

If you are eligible, you can see which shares qualify directly from your dashboard after your attestation letter is issued.

Why should I get a QSBS eligibility review annually?

A company’s QSBS status can change if it receives additional financing, expands into a new product line or service, or conducts a secondary sale, such as a tender offer to repurchase shares.

How will a QSBS attestation letter help me stay audit-ready?

Carta issues an attestation letter each year that you can attach to your tax returns to certify that your company was QSB eligible when you were issued your equity. 

We then tag each security on your Carta portfolio to ensure you meet the five-year holding requirement.

What other tax related services does Carta offer?

Carta offers Equity Advisory that includes companywide webinars and one-on-one sessions with accredited Equity Tax Advisors to help your employees understand their equity’s potential. Learn more here .

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