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From issuing early equity and hiring your initial team to preparing for an IPO, build and scale your business on Carta.

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Lean on expertise

Over the last decade, we’ve managed more cap tables, delivered more 409A valuations, and helped companies raise more funds than anyone else. Our team is here by phone, email, and in-app chat to support you in every way.

Icons Hero | Private Companies | "Scale on one platform"

Scale on one platform

Whether you’re issuing your first SAFE, raising a priced round, running a tender offer, or going public, Carta has the team and tools to meet the needs of your growing business.

Icons Hero | Private Companies | "Save time and eliminate errors"

Save time and eliminate errors

Cap tables automatically update as securities are issued and transactions occur, so you never have to worry about mistakes or reconciliation.


Carta is the only private market provider authorized to issue, track, and process payments for your company’s securities.

Audit-ready valuations fast

80% of VC-backed companies rely on Carta for audit-ready 409A valuations. Our experts ensure the nuances of your business are accounted for and leverage our proprietary software to deliver fast, cost-effective, accurate 409As.


No matter your ownership structure, Carta provides the guidance and software to manage all things equity, all in one place.

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Get the right start with Carta Launch. Issue SAFEs and equity, track ownership, and manage your cap table on Carta for free.


Help your employees maximize their equity’s potential, reduce their tax burden, and stay invested in your company’s growth.

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