Accurate ASC 820 valuations, every time

Get audit-ready valuations for your investments with Carta’s full-service and self-service ASC 820 offerings.

Icons Hero | Private Equity - ASC 820 | "Stay audit-ready"

Stay audit-ready

We work with the Big 4 firms to ensure our valuation process is accurate, consistent, and fair. You receive valuations that are audit-ready and calculations that are defensible.

Icons Hero | Private Equity- ASC 820 | "Get expert support"

Get expert support

Our experienced analysts are here to answer any questions and help you understand the valuation process used to arrive at the fair value of your investment.

Icons Hero | Private Equity- ASC 820 | "Establish trust with LPs"

Establish trust with LPs

Unbiased, accurate valuations win trust with investors from the start. Easily share valuations in the same place LPs sign docs, view performance, and receive distributions.


Create audit-ready ASC 820 valuations you can trust easily with our self-service tool and the support of our dedicated valuations team.


Accurate financial reports help you make knowledgeable decisions and keep your LPs informed of the current state of the fund’s investments. With comprehensive reporting tailored to your fund’s requirements, your valuations are always consistent and accurate.


If you’re a venture capital firm, hedge fund, private equity firm, or insurance company, it’s crucial to assess the value of your investments each financial reporting period.

Get an audit-ready ASC 820 valuation