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Unlock a seamless tax season

Whether it's your funds, GP entities, or management company, Carta's got you covered.
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Connect your back office

Simplify your back office with a single point of contact for your fund accounting and tax needs.

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Get accurate returns

With your fund accounting and taxes managed in one place, you receive accurate year-end documents, every year.

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Receive expert support

Our team of tax professionals bring years of expertise and are here to ensure no tax question goes unanswered.

The Carta experience

With your fund accounting and taxes managed in one place, you experience a smooth end of year, every year.

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Eliminate the back-and-forth between providers during an already busy season. With all of your fund’s activity on Carta, we have the information needed to quickly and accurately prepare returns.

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Whether it's taking care of your Form 1065s and K-1s or ensuring any additional state tax documents get filed—Carta Fund Tax has you covered.


Carta Venture Capital now offers in-house fund and SPV tax preparation, finalization, and filing.

Unlock a seamless tax season

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