Carta can now file your VC fund and SPV taxes

September 14, 2023
The Carta Team

As year-end approaches, Carta Venture Capital has an exciting announcement to share: We’ve expanded our tax services. Starting this year, our in-house team of tax experts prepare, finalize, and file your fund and SPV taxes.

Carta already manages your back office and makes quarterly reporting a breeze. Now we’re simplifying tax season, too. You’ll receive accurate, year-end tax filings for you and your LPs. With fund administration and tax prep all in one place, you’ll avoid the hassle of working with additional third-party providers—collecting and sending dozens of documents from one place to another.

We deliver the following documents to you and your LPs directly through the Carta platform and file copies with the relevant tax authorities: 

  • Form 1065s: We now prepare and file Form 1065 with the IRS. Partnerships, including many VC firms, use these federal tax forms to declare profits, losses, revenue, expenses, and other financial information. 

  • Schedule K-1s: We also prepare and distribute Schedule K-1s to your LPs directly on our platform. LPs use Schedule K-1s to declare profits, losses, and other dividends on their tax returns.

  • Additional state filings: Our tax team will also prepare and file or distribute any additional required state tax documents. 

Carta Venture Capital

Simplify tax season with Carta's in-house fund & SPV tax services.