Waterfall Modeling for PE

Waterfall models, done in seconds

In a single click, create waterfall models that are accurate, audit-ready, and customized to your operating agreement.
Waterfall Modeling Distribution Rules UI

Customized. Automated. Done.

Insights at the push of a button, for private equity firms and the companies they support.

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Run even the most complex models, using a bespoke engine that’s tailored to your unique distribution rules.

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Experience the impact on your work with your cap table, waterfalls, and distributions fully integrated.

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Deliver waterfalls your whole team can trust, with audit-ready proceed summaries and distribution rules.

Get a waterfall model in minutes, not hours.

Reclaim countless hours of modeling time, so you can focus on your core business.

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UI of running a model on Carta

Transform your distribution rules into a custom-coded modeling engine, so you can generate accurate waterfalls in a single click.

UI of waterfall modeling on Carta showing cap table updating

With exportable summaries, inform employees and investors about how much their equity is worth — with no need for complex calculations.

LLC Waterfall Modeling UI Carta

With a direct add-in for Excel, easily integrate your Carta waterfall model with any external valuation model.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you support my complex waterfall model?

Carta’s experts will encode the modeling engine with your unique distribution rules outlined in your operating agreement so you can run even the most complex waterfall model on Carta.

Can I verify if the waterfall model is set up correctly?

Yes, you can audit the distribution rules in Carta to ensure they have been encoded correctly. You can also export the model to Excel to compare it to external calculations.

Do I need to be on Carta to run waterfall models?

Yes, your cap table needs to be on the Carta platform before you can run a waterfall model because your most up-to-date cap table is essential for the analysis.

Waterfall models, done in seconds