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Fast, accurate, and audit-ready valuations

Receive 409A, liquidation threshold, or profit interest valuations on demand.

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Receive valuations for different ownership structures, tailored to the needs of your business.

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Ensure valuations adhere to IRS, audit and SEC standards, giving you peace of mind.

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Request and receive valuations quickly without sacrificing accuracy with your cap table fully integrated.

A smooth valuation experience designed for any business

Carta offers valuations for any structure, from hurdle, liquidation threshold, and 409As to warrant and estate & gift valuations.


Easily request a new 409A, liquidation threshold or hurdle valuation directly through the Carta platform. The request will automatically go through data valuation to verify accuracy.


Our analysts combine their decades of valuation experience with Carta’s proprietary software, speeding up the valuation process and ensuring valuations are audit-ready.


After your audit-defensible valuation is delivered, you can continue to access our team of dedicated analysts for additional questions and audit support.

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