Cap Table Management for PE

Elevate your cap table

Designed to support various equity structures and distribution rules across private equity-backed companies.
LLC Cap Table UI

End-to-end cap table management

Give your spreadsheets a break and automate your cap table.
UI of cap table updating automatically on Carta

Automate your cap table

Track ownership, manage equity plans with different vesting schedules and distribution rules, and pull cap table reports with a few clicks. No worksheets required.

Get one source of truth

Easily and securely store and distribute documents such as operating agreements, amendments, and K-1s to interest holders and employees directly from Carta.

Drive transparency

Give interest holders a complete view into their equity with the ability to accept equity grants, track vesting, and access documents like interest agreements, K-1s, and 83(b)s through the Carta portal.

Everything equity in one place

Cap table is just the start. Drive efficiency and accuracy across the board.


Get fast and audit-ready 409A, liquidation threshold, or profit interest valuations on demand and use them to issue equity.

ASC 718

Make ASC 718 reporting easy with automated and audit-defensible financial reports for profits interests on your single source of truth cap table.

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Reclaim countless hours of modeling time, so you can focus on your core business. In a single click, create waterfall models that are accurate, transparent, and customized to your operating agreement.

UI of LLC Distributions Payout summary with simplified dividends

Experience easier distributions with full cap table and waterfall integration so you can calculate, communicate with stakeholders, and track balances in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of securities can be managed on Carta?

You can access and manage profit interests, management incentive units, capital interests, phantom units, UARs/EARs, options, preferred units, common units, and  LTIPS on the Carta platform.

How does ownership management across multiple entities work with Carta?

Carta is built to track all of your entities ownership in one account. Admins can toggle between the cap tables and view multi-entity ownership structures all in one place.

Do I need to be on Carta’s cap table platform to access valuations, financial reporting, and waterfall modeling?

Yes. Since your up-to-date cap table is essential for these functions, you’ll need to be onboarded onto the Carta platform first. Learn more about our pricing here .

Track, model, and manage your equity with Carta

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