Expense Accounting

Pull compliant reports, anytime

Generate and download your latest stock-based compensation reports in a few clicks.

Icons Hero | ASC 718 | "Eliminate errors"

Eliminate errors

We accrue expenses in real time when you issue equity, so your reports are always accurate.

Icons Hero | ASC 718 | "Get reports anytime"

Get reports anytime

Pull detailed, accurate expense reports whenever you need them.

Icons Hero | ASC 718 | "Ensure global compliance"

Ensure global compliance

Carta supports US GAAP and International Financial Reporting Standards compliance for multinational companies.

ASC 718

Financial reporting can become more complex as your company grows. Carta’s expense reporting supports every scenario, including stock splits and grant re-pricings.


Carta provides clean expense accounting on demand, helping your company prepare for audits with less effort.


From the blog

Learn more about what ASC 718 entails, and when you should start expensing employee options.

Get compliant reports, on demand

Expense reporting is included with Carta’s Scale plan.