Manage distributions with less effort

Distributions on Carta are fully integrated so you can calculate amounts, communicate with holders, and track balances in one place.
UI of distributions on Carta

A complete solution for your distributions

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Integrate your cap table, waterfalls, and distributions. You’ll never miss a detail or complexity, so you can send distributions confidently.

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Make communicating with stakeholders simple. You can notify holders and display individual distribution amounts with a few clicks.

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Let Carta do the tracking for you. We update invested capital balances and preferred returns in real-time.

Complex calculations done in seconds

Save time spent on cap table updates and complex calculations to focus on what matters to you.

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Just set your allocation method and review the details. Choose to use your waterfall rules, set a pro rata distribution, or upload a custom allocation. Now, manual formula updates and cell changes become a thing of the past.

UI of LLC Distributions Payout summary with simplified dividends

Respond to questions such as, “What’s my equity worth?” easily. The answer won’t be hidden in dozens of files and hours of math. Get the information you need from Carta, at any time.

Start managing your distributions with Carta