The most reliable compensation benchmarks for every role, level, and region

Make compensation recommendations that keep you competitive using the most recent, relevant, and accurate private company data.

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See what the market is paying today

Carta has the largest set of private company equity data and is the only tool with the machine learning technology to ensure compensation benchmarks reflect market changes.

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Responsibly manage burn

Compensation is likely your largest expenditure. Leverage recent labor market data to avoid overspending on salary and equity comp, extending your runway for the long term.

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Identify and address pay gaps

Get an at-a-glance view of your employee roster so you can easily spot pay equity discrepancies and potential retention issues, and ensure you are compensating consistently.


Carta Total Compensation gives you access to granular market-driven compensation data by peer group, job area, and location, down to job specialty. You also get insight into the most cost-effective geographies to recruit from and tools to accurately plan and forecast talent costs.


Carta Total Compensation helps you put accurate employee pay leveling in place for your company. Our compensation specialists work with you to implement and level your employee roster for free.


The Total Compensation Employee Scorecard provides a detailed view of how an individual employee’s compensation compares to the market based on the company’s compensation philosophy.

We've been able to quickly respond and adjust our strategy based upon the market data we're getting from Total Comp so we can make competitive offers.
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Norm Tonina
President & Board Member, Level Goals

Gauntlet uses Carta Total Compensation to hire competitively in the surging Web3 industry.

See what the market is paying today