Run liquidity events with ease

Administrating a secondary transaction is complex. As your information agent, Carta guides you through the process so you can focus on your stakeholders.

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Administer on one platform

Leverage on one platform for insight sharing on secondary transactions, setting up of deal parameters, collecting seller interest, assistance with regulatory due diligence, and more.

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Anticipate all scenarios

Enable your team with Carta's dynamic seller eligibility modeling of potential supply scenarios.

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Get proactive support

Receive dedicated service from deal structuring to transaction to settlement. Carta's experts also ensure deal structuring implementation is in coordination with your counsel.

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At settlement post-transaction, Carta updates your cap table automatically for accurate record keeping and reduced reconciliation work. Additionally, clean up checks are performed pre- and post- transaction.

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Carta provides an intuitive platform experience for issuers/sellers with informational guides.


Carta provide tools on the platform to manage information sharing and safeguard confidential information. We also provide assistance with regulatory due diligence performed on permissioned participants.

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