Introducing Carta API integrations with Cooley—making it easier than ever to support startups

Introducing Carta API integrations with Cooley—making it easier than ever to support startups

Author: The Carta Team
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Published date:  February 2, 2023
Updated date:  December 15, 2023
Carta partners with Cooley LLP for two new API programs, which grant access to Carta data directly within the firm’s proprietary attorney portals.

Starting today, we are proud to launch two new Carta API programs—Carta Issuer API and Carta Launch API—with Cooley LLP as our first partner.  These new integrations will make it possible for Cooley LLP attorneys to access the latest Carta data directly within the firm’s proprietary attorney portals—Client Focus and Cooley Docs. 

Cooley launched Client Focus in 2022 to provide the firm’s  lawyers and business professionals with a consolidated bird’s-eye view of client information. Client Focus provides a window into key client data, billing systems, Cooley team notes, document management, and high-level cap table information. 

Carta - Cooley partnership announcement

Using the Carta Issuer API, Cooley can see existing client data from Carta, including company capitalization, securities data, and stakeholder holdings without ever leaving the Client Focus portal.

The second integration, Carta Launch API, integrates with Cooley Docs, a proprietary document generation system with more than 40 document packages, including a collaborative questionnaire that allows Cooley attorneys to collaborate online with early-stage companies to quickly incorporate.

When a company incorporates with Cooley using Cooley Docs, the new Launch API integration transmits the company’s data and instantly creates a new Carta Launch account (Launch is Carta’s free platform for early-stage founders). The integration reduces manual data entry for the Cooley team and reduces errors, saving time and money for everyone involved. 

“At Cooley, we have a long history of heavily investing in technology that improves the client experience,” said Peter Werner, co-chair of Cooley’s global emerging companies and venture capital practice. “We look forward to leveraging Carta’s new API integrations for the benefit of our company clients.”

The integrations are a continuation of a longstanding relationship between Carta and Cooley to support emerging companies, build infrastructure for innovators, and serve clients effectively and efficiently. As the first law firm to have a two-way integration with Carta, Cooley reinforces its standing as a leading tech-enabled practice.  

“Cooley has been a core partner to Carta for nearly a decade, pioneering a tech-enabled approach to legal work to support startups around the world,” said Reed McBride, VP of Business Development at Carta. “We’re thrilled to support their team with these integrations.”

Carta and Cooley serve thousands of shared customers in the venture ecosystem, helping them to manage cap tables, fundraise, access liquidity, and more. A partner since 2015, Cooley is one of Carta’s largest and longest running law firm partners.

For firms interested in partnering with Carta or utilizing Carta APIs, you can reach us at

The Carta Team
Author: The Carta Team
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