Cap table 101 | section 2

Building the foundation that leads to success

Now that you know the fundamentals of equity, it’s time for the fun part: creating your first cap table. In this section, we build our cap table from scratch and see it evolve as we bring in an advisor, raise early funding rounds, and hire our first employees.


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3 sections • 13 videos • 1h 21m total length

Section 1: Introducing the cap table

Dive into the world of cap tables—how they work, types of equity offered, calculating ownership percentages, valuations, vesting schedules, and more.


Chapter 1: What’s a cap table? 02.30
Chapter 2: Incorporating, and creating your first cap table 06.50
Chapter 3: Common vs. preferred shares 05.52
Chapter 4: How convertible notes work 06.33
Chapter 5: How SAFEs work 04.04
Chapter 6: Stock options, strike prices, and vesting schedules 09.10
Chapter 7: Valuations and fair market values 03.59


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Section 2: Building the foundation that leads to success Now playing

Ready to create your first cap table? Begin the journey of a fictional company as we build a cap table from scratch, bring in an advisor, raise early funding rounds, and hire our first employees.


Chapter 1: The seed round 11.34
Chapter 2: The Series A, and your first valuation 07.49
Chapter 3: Options pools, dilution, and converting the SAFE 06.18
Chapter 4: What’s a valuation cap? 05.10


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Section 3: The Series B (and beyond)

We’re upping the ante in Section 3 as we raise another funding round to scale our fictional company. We’ll also see how our cap table comes into play when the company sells, goes public, or has a liquidity event.


Chapter 1: The Series B 09.28
Chapter 2: Course recap 01.37


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Download our cap table template

Download our cap table template

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