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How VC firm Vectr Fintech grew with the help of Carta Fund Admin

Jason Best and Mark Munoz
Co-founders, Vectr Fintech
Year founded



Hong Kong

Investment focus

 Early-stage fintech, deeptech, AI

Founded in 2014 in Hong Kong by co-founders Jason Best and Mark Munoz, Vectr Fintech is a venture capital firm primarily focused on early-stage fintech, deeptech, and AI. The firm has invested in more than 24 companies across nine countries.

When they set out to launch their second fund, Jason and Mark knew they wanted a more reliable and efficient fund administration platform, in order to scale and professionalize their back office and their interaction with LPs. They found that solution in Carta, and onboarded with Carta Venture Capital in 2021. 

Efficiency gained

“We were very dissatisfied with our prior fund admin provider and were looking for options,” Jason says. “We knew about Carta before it was even available in APAC [Asia Pacific], and so when Carta officially launched in Singapore, we were quickly trying to figure out how we could work together.” 

They were thrilled to no longer be bogged down with spreadsheets, and instead work with a tech-driven product that’s consistently iterating and growing. “I look forward to every quarter when I get to see the new product release,” Mark says. “Seeing Carta’s product continue, develop, and mature has been fantastic.”

When you think of everything that we do, Carta has automated it in a way that saves us time and allows us to focus on delivering value to our portfolio companies and investors.

Mark Munoz
Co-founder, Vectr Fintech

With capital calls now taking a few minutes rather than a few days, the firm is more efficient and more effective. “When you think of everything that we do, Carta has automated it in a way that saves us time and allows us to focus on delivering value to our portfolio companies and investors,” says Mark. 

With Carta, communication with LPs is seamless, says Mark. “LPs can go to the site and log in, get all data in real time on the platform, and download reports themselves,” he says. “That’s a huge time saver for us.”

Proactive support

With Carta, the sales process went smoothly, Jason says—and after they went live, the Carta team has gone above and beyond. 

“The team is so responsive in looking around corners and coming back to us with solutions before we even have problems,” Jason says. “It feels like they are a part of our team in a very embedded way.” 

Experts who take the load off

“What you need when looking for partners are teams who can take the load off so you can focus on increasing the potential outcome of the fund,” says Jason. 

There’s a difference between launching a fund and truly building a firm for longevity, Jason and Mark agree. And when building a firm, you need high-quality service providers who know the industry. 

“What we learned with Carta was that we could really trust the experts and focus on what we do best,” says Mark.

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