What’s a venture capital fund?

Venture capital can be fascinating yet complex—but there’s help. VC 101 is your guide through the complicated venture capital landscape, making the hard stuff feel easy, giving you a better understanding of VC, and a foundation to help you build your own fund.

Venture capital

Your guide to launching your firm

Your guide to launching your firm

Starting a venture capital firm can be complex. That’s why Carta built a playbook to help managers build their funds every step of the way.

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7 videos • 43m total length

Chapter 1: What’s a venture capital fund?
Meet the VC fund—learn what it is, how it’s different, and the unique structure that organizes it. Start learning
Chapter 2: The venture capital industry
Learn about the five core legal requirements that make a fund a venture capital fund. Start learning
Chapter 3: How VC funds are structured
See how management companies, fund entities, and general and limited partners make up a VC fund. Start learning
Chapter 4: Limited partnerships & management companies
Understand the limited partnership agreement (LPA) and the big role management companies play in VC. Start learning
Chapter 5, pt. 1: VC regulations
Get familiar with the regulatory landscape by knowing its areas of focus, registration requirements, and exemptions. Start learning
Chapter 5, pt. 2: VC regulations
We start our journey into the world of exemptions and learn the roles of beneficial owners and accredited investors. Start learning
Chapter 5, pt. 3: VC regulations
We end our course by taking a deeper dive into exemptions (including S.E.C. regulation D) and blue sky laws. Start learning
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