A team of unconventional builders

A team of unconventional builders

A team of unconventional builders

Real innovation takes a team effort. Carta is a place for those who love seeking out and solving interesting problems to take ownership in what they’re creating, together.

Life at Carta

Carta happenings

Town Hall

We gather on Fridays for our company all-hands, a time to get together, share context and updates about what we’re building, and provide an open space to ask questions.

Show and Tell

Every Wednesday, teams share works-in-progress, product demos, and interesting problems they’re solving so we can learn from each other.


Quarterly Hackathons give employees the opportunity to work with new people on projects they’re passionate about that bring value for our customers.

Company Day

Once a month, we put our laptops down and enjoy a Company Day where we get to know one another through events tailored to the diverse interests of our global team.

We want every Cartan to be the best version of themselves

Here are a few ways we help make that goal a reality.

Book reimbursement

We’re a curious bunch and believe reading stokes that curiosity. We encourage Cartans to consume books of all forms and topics, and fully reimburse their cost with no yearly cap.

Carta Business School

We believe the next generation of leaders at Carta will come from within. To develop these leaders, we offer intensive multi-day sessions covering topics including management principles, product design, sales strategy, and organizational design.

Fertility coverage and parental leave

We recognize that there are many paths to parenthood and we support Cartans on their diverse journeys. We cover fertility treatments, egg freezing, and 100% paid baby bonding leave (12 weeks) and birthing parent leave (up to 22 weeks).

Liquidity events

Cartans don’t need to wait for an IPO to turn their equity into cash. Our regular liquidity events allow you to use your equity to meet your personal financial goals, like paying off student loans or buying your first home.

Mental health coverage

To be your best self, mental health comes first. We care deeply about our team’s wellbeing and offer six coaching and eight therapy sessions to every employee and their dependents per year.

Minimum time off

We know that you can only do your best work when you have balance—and that unlimited vacation often goes unused. Our MTO program means every employee takes at least three paid weeks off every year. After that, paid time off and sick days are unlimited.

401k matching

Our team works every day to build a generational company, and we want to help them build and secure their own futures as well. After six months of employment, we match 401ks 50%, up to $5,000 per calendar year.

Let’s build together