Privacy and Data Protection at Capdesk

At Capdesk, we value you, and your choice to rely on Capdesk for equity and portfolio management, stakeholder relations, and much more. We work hard and continuously to earn your trust.

To keep pace with new data protection regulation, such as the GDPR in the EU, we have updated our Terms of Use and our privacy policy, as outlined in our general Privacy Statement. These agreements apply to you, whenever you use the platform as an end user. This is also why we will require your explicit consent to these agreements the next time you login on Capdesk. We have also updated our Customer Agreement, and distilled a separate sub-document, a so-called Data Processor Agreement, which apply to our Customers as an integral part of the Customer Agreement. They apply to you, whenever you use Capdesk on behalf of a company customer, which is more precisely the case if you administer that company.  We will ask about your consent, on behalf of the company you represent, the next time you visit that company on Capdesk. In fact, after May 25th, 2018, we will block access to any companies for which the Customer Agreement has not been agreed to.

We have seriously clarified and extended our Privacy Statement. We make it clear exactly what your rights as a data subject are, how we collect data about you, and how we treat your data (which, by the way, is with the utmost respect). Our Customer Agreement now states, more clearly, exactly what rights and obligations you have as a Customer, and what rights and obligations we have at Capdesk. Also, within the Data Processor Agreement, we make it very explicit that, when you are a Customer, Capdesk will act as a so-called “data processor”, processing your data on your behalf and according to your instruction. That document outlines the conditions applying to our role as data processor, and details for instance security and data protection compliance matters.

We encourage you to read these documents. If you have any questions, ask us by emailing

If you do not have the time right now to read the document, the key points are:

  • Your data is yours, and we care about protecting your data as much as you do.
  • We store it securely and with maximal regard to your privacy.
  • We use personal data only internally, and only to improve your experience of Capdesk.
  • We are always open and interested in any request, suggestion or enquiry you may have.