After establishing a corporate structure with a US entity involved, there is now a responsibility to fulfill certain US regulatory requirements. Top of mind for many startups is the new law, Corporate Transparency Act (CTA). Effective January 1, 2024, virtually all new companies formed or registered to do business in the United States will need to comply with the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA). This includes corporate structures such as “Cayman Sandwich” or “Delaware Tostadas”. 

Watch the recording to hear from experts Amy Miller, CPA, Christine Ballard, and Bradley Krack on the intricacies faced by LatAm based founders and how to ensure you and your company sustain compliance.

This virtual event covered:

  1. Breakdown Corporate Transparency Act and recent federal court ruling
  2. Review reporting requirements and key dates
  3. Address common questions heard from LatAm founders
  4. Explore Carta’s tech-driven solution for CTA compliance