First Close: Formations

Launching a venture fund in the UK/EU can feel like rocket science at times. From legal structures to optimising for LPs, even seasoned fund managers can find themselves lost.  

Watch the recording for a discussion on what really matters when setting up a fund led by a panel of experienced operators and seasoned experts. 

We covered key topics like: 

  • Essential considerations when launching your European venture fund
  • Do’s and don’ts from both a GP and LP angle
  • Deal breakers when negotiating with LPs
  • Best practices and market insights
  • Managing set-up and operational costs 
  • Q&A session 

Whether you’re a first-time fund manager, an established VC, or curious about the ecosystem, watch now for actionable insights into best practices and a better understanding of the market. 

About First Close

First Close is a series of events held by Carta supporting fund managers in developing their knowledge in legal structures, fund operations and investor relations. It covers topics like fundraising, legal, operations, finance, tax and administration. If you are interested in recommending a topic or a speaker, we would love to hear