Why Your Fund Needs a Fractional CFO

Managing venture funds requires technical financial acumen.  Yet GPs that are not ready to hire an in-house CFO may find themselves assuming that role when they would prefer to be dealmaking.

Watch the recording to learn all about how a fractional CFO might be the solution. Fractional CFOs can assist with key back-office financial functions – including providing strategic oversight, managing key workflows, and assisting with fundraising. But unlike an in-house CFO, they do so on a part-time basis for multiple funds at a time.

Our conversation included Katie Jacobs Stanton, Founder and General Partner of Moxxie Ventures; Marie Drez, CFO for Moxxie Ventures; Henry Ward, CEO of Carta; and moderated by Megan Greer, Head of Venture Capital Delivery at Carta. If you’re a GP or a fractional CFO, we have the resources for you. Learn more about this role, Carta’s preferred fractional CFO program, and see if this could be a good fit for you.