Jan 28 2021


Pacific Time
10:00 am - 10:45 am

The event is finished.

Join us for this 45 minute session as founders and attorneys discuss:

  • Fundraising with SAFEs
  • Best practices to consider
  • Personal stories and lessons learned
  • Tools and resources to learn more about SAFEs
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In the last decade, founders commonly used convertible notes to raise their initial startup capital.  It was easy to execute and frequently recommended.  In the last few years though, the market has started to shift to a new fundraising method and Carta’s data shows that convertible notes are no longer dominating the convertible securities market.  The initial fundraising vehicle that has reached parity with convertible notes is called a SAFE(Simple Agreement for Future Equity).  

In this upcoming webinar, we have a panel of founders and lawyers that will discuss SAFEs in detail, best practices to know, and personal stories (the good, the bad, and the ugly) of their experience raising with SAFEs.


  • Matt Schulman
    Matt Schulman
    Founder, Pave

    Matt is the Founder and CEO of Pave (formerly Trove). Prior to Pave, Matt was a software engineer at Facebook. Outside of work, Matt is an avid mountaineer.

  • Morgan Sawchuk
    Morgan Sawchuk
    Partner, Fenwick

    Morgan is a partner in the corporate group at Fenwick & West LLP. She provides strategic counselling to emerging and high growth technology companies ranging from newly formed startups to multibillion-dollar private companies, as well as venture capital firms and corporate venture clients. Her work spans a broad variety of industries and encompasses a broad range of corporate matters, including formations, compensation, venture capital financings, debt financings, mergers and acquisitions, public offerings and corporate governance.

  • Peter Wen
    Peter Wen
    Founder, Tallyfor

    Peter has helped bring innovative products to FinTech and Accounting for the last 10 years. He is currently Co-founder and CEO of Tallyfor, which is building Business Tax Software in the cloud.

  • Reed McBride
    Reed McBride
    Head of Partnerships & BD, Carta

    Reed started his career as an attorney at Orrick, advising over 100 startups on VC and M&A transactions. Prior to joining Carta, he scaled two startups while leading numerous functions. Reed currently runs partnerships and business development at Carta.