Understanding Executive Compensation: A Conversation with Carta and Sequoia

The world of executive compensation is always changing, and businesses must find ways to stay ahead of the competition and optimize their compensation packages. With macroeconomic factors affecting executive pay and volatile economic conditions constantly in flux, it can be difficult for companies to make informed decisions on their compensation strategies.

Join Henry Ward (CEO & Founder at Carta), Greg Golub (CEO & Founder at Sequoia), Kyle Holm (VP, Compensation  Advisory at Sequoia) and Marisabel Agosto (Director, Tech & API Partnerships at Carta) on December 5th at 1 pm PT / 4 pm ET for expert insights on executive compensation.

They will discuss:

  • Their experience hiring executives
  • Leveraging data to make hiring and compensation decisions
  • Navigating economic conditions
  • Considerations when designing exec comp packages