Carta investor updates

Keep your most valued shareholders up-to-date

Securely send updates with financials, key hires, customer wins, and company performance in the same place you manage your cap table.

Why Carta?

Build trust with your investors

Secure platform

Send sensitive information to the right people. Ensure confidential KPIs and financials are difficult to forward to unintended recipients.


Streamlined process

Easily send and track investor updates on the same trusted platform your investors and stakeholders already use.


Intuitive templates

If you’re not sure what to share, our templates include the metrics, milestones, and information your investors care about most.

Investor updates

Tailor investor updates with ease

Tailor investor updates with ease

Keep everyone in the loop

Carta’s investor updates tool doesn’t just update investors. You can update employees and important shareholders individually or collectively, too.

Send better investor updates with Carta

With investor updates, you can include videos or photos with and attach any relevant documents. Ensure that your shareholders have a complete, up-to-date picture of your company’s performance.


Important information stays secure

Important information stays secure

More secure than email

With Carta investor updates, ensure that your important update isn’t forwarded to unintended recipients. Securely send through our platform and keep track of views. Your investors will thank you.


Investor updates

Investor updates

Download the templates

Download our investor updates templates today to include metrics, milestones, and information your investors care most about.

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Keep your investors and employees in the loop. Investor updates is included in Growth & Scale plans.