Innovator Story

Naomi Shah

Founder & CEO, Meet Cute

When people ask Naomi Shah, CEO and founder of Meet Cute, whether her startup is a media company or a tech company, she has a ready response: Her team is building something that hasn’t really existed before.

“Traditional Hollywood thinks about stories in a very traditional way. It’s very hit-driven where you have one idea, you work on it for two to three years, you have no idea how it’s going to perform when it goes out. Meet Cute basically flips that model on its head and we apply product thinking.”

Naomi Shah, Founder & CEO, Meet Cute 2
Naomi Shah, Founder & CEO, Meet Cute 3
Naomi Shah, Founder & CEO, Meet Cute 4

Naomi’s background means that she approaches running an entertainment company in an unconventional way. Drawing on her tech investing and engineering background, Naomi used the incubator model to build Meet Cute with her team, using “product thinking” as a guiding principle.