How Carta helps Harlem Capital invest in diversity

Jarrid Tingle
Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Harlem Capital


ASC 820 Valuations, Fund Administration



Founded in 2015 by Jarrid Tingle and Henri Pierre-Jacques, Harlem Capital is one of the largest diversity-focused VC firms. They closed their $40 million Venture Fund I in December 2019 with TPG as their anchor. To date, they’ve invested in 22 early-stage companies with diverse founders.


Harlem Capital is on an ambitious mission to invest in 1,000 diverse companies in 20 years. But between fundraising, mentoring portfolio companies, and talking to founders (in order to encourage diversity, Harlem Capital puts their email addresses on their site), it never feels like there are enough hours in the day.


Carta reached out to Harlem Capital and showed them how much time they could save using our platform. “The demos opened my eyes up-I knew Carta could help us be more efficient and give our team more time to help us with everything.”

Between Carta’s many features and competitive price, Harlem Capital knew switching would be a win-win. “There was literally no downside. It actually might have been riskier to stay with our previous firm, who may go out of business because Carta is so much better.”


Carta helps Harlem Capital distribute LP documentation and capital calls, send quarterly updates, host their data room, and compile everything into one easy LP portal-giving them more time to focus on building relationships. “It’s a big relief as a GP. Having strong support from Carta has saved us a significant amount of time and mental space for fundraising.”

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