Carta enables better LP communication for M13’s unique strategy

Brian Caroll



Fund Administration, SPV (formation & FA), CCL



Powering a Venture Engine

M13 is an LA-headquartered venture engine that has over $280 million under management. M13 has built a team of industry-leading operating executives to help founders make better decisions and win in their category. They provide the right people, platform, and partnerships for founding teams to build high-velocity businesses. M13 uses Carta to streamline communications so they can focus on building a platform to help their portfolio companies succeed.

Problem: sharing fund performance with LPs

M13 works with a broad base of LPs that includes influential people like Sir Richard Branson and Arianna Huffington. They also incubate ideas into sustainable consumer companies both independently and with partners such as Procter & Gamble Ventures.

M13 needs to communicate accurate and timely information to their vast network of LPs. They needed a better way to report on fund performance and share results with their LPs.

The most interesting thing about Carta is both its professional services and software. It’s about the relationships you form with your account team. Their ability to be responsive and support us is super important.

Brian Caroll, Partner

Solution: streamlined communication with Carta’s LP portal

With the combination of software and people at Carta, M13 is able to successfully execute on their strategy of having a broad base of LPs. Communication is streamlined and fund accounting is taken care of, so their time is freed up to focus on important projects like SPVs and IPOs.

M13 views Carta as their CRM system and communication portal with their LPs. With Carta they are able to eliminate the need for two hires for fund administration.

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