Carta for Founders

Eliminate unnecessary legal fees.

Starting a company is hard. Carta gets you on the right track without spending thousands in fees.

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Everything you need to avoid legal fees when starting a company

Document Library

Every document to get you started

Standard agreements

Choose from our library of standard agreements to create option plans, issue stock options, and raise capital in minutes.

Corporate documents

Start your company on the right track with Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Board Consents.

Track Ownership

A single record for all ownership

Instant updates

Transactions in Carta update your cap table instantly. That means you never have to worry about out-of-date or incorrect spreadsheets.

One source of truth

With your Board Directors and legal team on Carta, everyone is on the same page. Don't waste another minute looking for the "final" version of your cap table.

Raise Funding

Save time by managing everything in one place

Fundraising is a broken process. Companies use fragmented tools to share documents, collect signatures, and track funds. Now you can manage everything in one place, saving you and your investors valuable time. Carta uses best-in-class security standards to keep your data safe.

Issue Equity

Seamless experience from company to employee

Option plans

Create an option plan in minutes to start issuing your first employee stock options. Carta makes it easy to choose the right plan details and ensure compliance.

Employee experience

Every employee gets a personal account to view and manage their equity. Employees receive vesting reminders and can exercise electronically in minutes.

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409A valuations

Stay compliant with audit-defensible valuations

The leader in 409A

After acquiring Silicon Valley Bank Analytics in September of 2017, Carta has over 50 analysts delivering 300+ reports every month. Carta has valued over $200 billion in private assets.

Industry experts with modern technology

Our valuations team has built the leading software tools for valuing private companies. With your cap table already on Carta, there is zero margin for human error.

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Eliminating legal fees is just the start

Carta is much more than cap tables. It's an ownership management platform that grows with your company.

Electronic exercises

Your employees can connect bank accounts to exercise options on Carta.

Document library

Manage all your corporate documents and vesting schedules in one place.

Round modeling

Include draft securities to create a pro-forma cap table and model your next round.

Cap table rewind

Rewind your cap table to see the capitalization at any point in the past.

Board approval

Synchronize your board by sending and signing everything through Carta.

Vesting schedules

Use pre-built vesting schedules or build your own using a custom editor.

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