Creating more owners

Our team is focused on making equity fairer by converging private and public markets and connecting the global ownership network. We believe we are building a generational company that will change how ownership and finance work.


A passionate, driven team with endless growth opportunities

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Christine Ngo

VP of Services
"I’ve learned more here in 2 years than I have in any other company in my career."

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Charly Kevers

Chief Financial Officer
"I get to work with some of the smartest people I've met and solve problems to help create a product that will transform how ownership is managed."

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Redefine how capital markets work, for the better

We’re tackling a massive problem that has the potential to impact the entire financial industry. Join us to change how equity works, how founders raise money, how companies offer liquidity to their employees, how investors interact with their LPs, and how assets are managed.


Get liquidity

Yes, we have free lunch and snacks, but some things are more important. At Carta, every employee receives equity and we’re committed to offering employee liquidity every 12-18 months. That means you’ll be able to sell a portion of your exercised shares and not have to wait for an exit or IPO.
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Work at a hyper-growth company

At Carta, you’ll have a unique opportunity to learn fast, grow in breadth and depth, and lead company initiatives. We’re proud to be one of the fastest-growing companies in America. Create the future of finance with us.


Carta's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

We value transparency and progress in our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, and we focus on getting better every day.

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From our CEO

Work @ Carta, get liquidity

Today, Carta is at a scale where we can offer liquidity every 12–18 months. All employees with vested shares are eligible.