August 2021 Partner Newsletter

August 2021 Partner Newsletter

Author: michael.rojas
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Published date:  12 April 2022
Updated date:  21 December 2023
Carta Launch Updates

Product Updates

Carta Launch Updates

Over the last few months, we’ve made a number of exciting updates to Carta Launch, our free financing and equity management platform for early-stage founders with less than $1M raised and fewer than 25 equity-holders. These new features focus on helping founders get fundraise-ready and include:

  • Access to real-time benchmarks and intelligent round modeling that allow customers to make informed decisions before the raise

  • Ability to auto-generate and track SAFEs all in one place to stay organized and streamline communications

  • Live in-app support that allows founders to get immediate support from Carta experts

Our marketing material for Carta Launch has been revamped to include these feature improvements. As a partner, please update your Carta messaging with the latest and share the news with your clients and/or portfolio companies. Take advantage of our in-a-box campaign which includes a sample email template and social post to help you promote with our joint customers.

News & Tips

We’ve just released two new blog posts to help you better understand the state of the market, and to provide your clients and/or portfolio companies with tips and tricks. Check out the reports below:

  • New Private Market Q2 Report:We’ve just released a new report on the state of private markets for Q2 2021. Our data shows two big trends: more money is going to the megadeals, and late stage deals are skyrocketing. In the full report, you can also learn about the spike in early-stage deals, an interesting change in the use of SAFEs, and more.

  • Co-founder Equity Splits:For early stage founders, figuring out the right equity split among co-founders is critical, but there’s no one right way to do it. Carta data shows that most founding teams don’t divide it evenly. Here are some tips from founders and experts for how to think about it. 

Events & Webinars

We have two webinars coming up later this month. Please share with your clients and/or portfolio companies as you see fit:

  • Tax Demystified on Aug 19 at 10am PT
    Avoid costly mistakes as a founder and understand the future of tax policy. During this session, we’ll discuss what qualifies for QSBS, how AMT & 83b can affect founders, how companies can stay in compliance, and more!

  • How to Raise a Round Successfully on Aug 26th at 10am PT
    Join our expert panelists of investors and CEO coaches to learn how to fundraise, develop a strong pitch, perform due diligence, and leverage various tips and tools to prepare for and successfully raise a round

As always, if you have questions, please reach out to your business development manager or to