Meet Carta for Venture Capital

Meet Carta for Venture Capital

Author: Allie Rawson
Read time:  3 minutes
Published date:  8 May 2019
You've used Carta to accept securities and access cap tables. Now we're building fund admin tools that will change the way you run your back office.

As an investor, you’ve probably used Carta to accept securities and access cap tables. We changed how your portfolio companies get valuations and manage equity. Now we’re building tools that will change the way you run your fund. Carta gives you a full suite of software and services to manage your portfolio and back office.

Today, we’re excited to officiallyannounce an improved experience for investors, starting with better free tools and premium full-service fund administration.

NEW: Portfolio dashboard and fund administration

Our improved investor experience includes a new, free portfolio dashboard that allows you to see key metrics about all your portfolio companies who use Carta in one place.

When you’re ready to stop worrying about your back office, you can upgrade to our premium plans for real-time deal IRR and streamlined LP management. Our experienced fund accounting team will partner with you to administer your back office.

Meet Carta for Venture Capital

Why fund administration?

Fund administration is stuck in the past. If you ask a GP how an investment is performing right now, on May 8, they likely won’t have an answer until July. First the quarter has to wrap, then junior accountants have to manually enter data, and then (finally) GPs get updated deal IRR. Manual entry isn’t exactly fast, or accurate.

Carta fixes this. Live cap table data and up-to-date company valuations are already on Carta. We can surface this data to you (VCs), so you can share it with your LPs on Carta. Less manual data entry, and no more waiting until a month after the quarter ends.

For more on what’s wrong with fund admin, check out the post from Henry Ward, our CEO.

The future of fund administration

Whether you’re new to venture capital or you’ve led a fund for years, you just want your back office to work. With Carta, you can see the data you need any time, with less back and forth. We offer an all-in-one platform to track your portfolio and manage your fund, and a great team too.

Meet Carta for Venture Capital

Real-time deal IRR

See your fund metrics—like your internal rate of return—live on your dashboard. So, if you want a fund metric at 11 PM on a Saturday, you can check your dashboard and get what you need right away. And if you need additional data or help, our team of fund accountants are there for you.

Experienced team of fund accountants

You’ll get a dedicated team of fund administrators who will partner with you to ensure your finances are on track to meet your goals. Our software helps automate the monotonous, time-consuming tasks that distract other firms, so our team can focus on giving you the strategic support you need.

All in one place

Traditionally, venture capital firms would need to cobble together several solutions to get a complete picture of their fund. Firms needed different providers for fund accounting, portfolio company data collection, communication with LPs and portfolio companies, ASC 820 valuations, accounting software, tax documents, quarterly reporting, and insights.

This is no longer the case. Carta offers a complete solution for your fund, so you can manage your data, modeling, and communications all in one place.

Carta for your firm

Most firms start using Carta’s free tools, which we’ve just improved. Every portfolio company that uses Carta shows up on your free dashboard. If you want a complete view of your portfolio, including companies that don’t use Carta, upgrade to one of our premium plans.

We offer two premium plans, Valuations & Modeling and Fund Administration. In addition to scenario modeling tools, both plans give you a complete view of your portfolio, because we collect cap tables for companies not yet using Carta. The Fund Administration plan includes our real-time deal IRR dashboard, LP portal, and dedicated team of experienced fund administrators.

To access our new, free portfolio dashboard, just log in. If you have portfolio companies who don’t use Carta, you can refer them. You’ll get to take advantage of Carta’s free tools and they’ll get a discount.

If you’re interested in learning more about our premium plans, let’s talk.

To learn more about our vision for investors, read Carta CEO Henry Ward’s post on what’s next.

We also just raised our Series E, which will enable our team to double down on products for investors.

Author: Allie Rawson
Allie Rawson is a former Product Marketing Manager at Carta who specialized in data analysis.
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