How we improved Carta for corporations in Q2 2020

How we improved Carta for corporations in Q2 2020

Author: Justin Lo
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Published date:  16 July 2020
In Q2 2020, our R&D team focused on improving the equity admin and legal user experience at Carta, as well as enhancing our reporting capabilities. Learn more.
How we improved Carta for corporations in Q2 2020

At Carta, we’re constantly updating and enhancing our products to improve our customers’ experience. We know there are many moving parts to managing equity, especially as you scale, so we want to ensure an easy and powerful experience for everyone using our platform.

In Q2 2020, our R&D team focused on improving the equity admin and legal user experience, as well as enhancing our reporting capabilities. These changes will allow you to focus more on what you do best—scaling your business.

Equity reporting

We’ve upgraded our equity reporting interface, making it easier for admins and legal users to build and pull equity reports.

  • Customize your reports: Create personalized ledger reports with custom columns and filters. You’ll be able to customize other reports soon.

  • Organize your reports: Organize custom reports in folders and use the search functionality for easy report access. All reports are sorted by the date they were last run, so your most important reports are right at your fingertips.

  • Get the data you need, when you need it: You can now preview ledger reports in-app and export them in half the time.

How we improved Carta for corporations in Q2 2020

Improved transfer and repurchase workflows

We’ve given the certificate transfer and repurchase workflows a new look and feel, in addition to improving the user experience. 

  • Automated logic:Full vs. partial transfers are now inferred based on quantity transferred.

  • A better user experience:You can now view details of the certificate you’re transferring shares from in the workflow.

  • Streamlined workflows:“Copy from original” button will copy information from the original certificate to save you time. 

How we improved Carta for corporations in Q2 2020

Drafts v2

In Q1, we rebuilt how we draft and issue new securities. We’re continuing to roll out this new drafting experience throughout Q3 2020. Users will continue to have both the new and old drafting experiences for the foreseeable future. Ultimately, Drafts V2 will be the default and primary flow to issue all securities on Carta.

  • In-app bulk actions for large data sets: This new and improved drafting and issuance workflow includes an in-app spreadsheet.

  • Built-in data validation: We’ve built advanced validations into the product to improve data accuracy and completeness of your entire cap table.


How we improved Carta for corporations in Q2 2020

More coming soon

In Q3, we will continue to focus on the equity admin experience as part of our mission to build products that help our customers better manage their equity. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming:

Stock-based compensation expense reporting

In Q2, we’ve been making major enhancements to our SBC expense reporting product, focusing on user experience and report performance. Starting Q3, we will roll out our new experience to customers throughout the rest of 2020.

  • Run and save automated ASC-718 reports: Remove human error from your calculations with our automated reports. Upon audit completion, lock your reports for accurate historical reporting.

  • Scale your compliance as your company grows: Capture every grant and calculate all expenses as your cap table grows. You can also run different scenarios with separate custom assumptions. 

  • Stay compliant: Save time and money by running your equity awards expense reports and disclosures reports with our automated tool. We’ve also built an audit guide to help you and your accounting firm better understand our calculations and methodologies.

Exercises and taxes

We’re improving our tax prediction engine. While the company is still responsible for calculating taxes, we’re giving equity admins more control over tax burden estimations and shareholder communication.

  • Increase visibility of tax jurisdiction:Different jurisdictions have different tax rules. Our platform will now surface the default tax rules we use for different US jurisdictions. Review to ensure the default meets your needs.

  • Import stakeholder data for better predictions: Equity admins can now upload stakeholder addresses and payroll data to enhance our tax prediction engine. Presetting stakeholder data will reduce the need to adjust taxes post-exercise requests, and makes it easier to compare the default against each particular shareholder’s city and state of residence.

  • Adjust tax withholdings: Equity admins have the flexibility to manually adjust withholdings based upon their internal procedures.


To see additional product changes and what we’ve been working on, check out our changelog here. Please feel free to reach out to your dedicated customer success manager – we love hearing your feedback and questions.

Author: Justin Lo
Justin is a senior product marketer at Carta, focusing on shipping enterprise products. People are surprised when they find out he has a degree in stem cell biology - he just grows businesses instead of cells now.
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