New, more intuitive LP experience

New, more intuitive LP experience

Author: Div Shivesh
Read time:  2 minutes
Published date:  7 May 2020
We’ve made it easier for your LPs to quickly and securely access documents and fund-level performance data.

If you’re a Carta fund administration customer, your LPs will see an updated LP portal experience next time they log in.

We’ve made it easier for your LPs to quickly and securely access documents and fund-level performance data. Improvements include: 

  • Faster navigation: LPs can quickly find their fund and single entity investments in the sidebar. They can click into investments, understand their commitment, and easily find relevant fund documents, like K-1s. 

  • All fund investments page: LPs can view all their investments and key metrics in one place.

Faster navigation

New, more intuitive LP experience

We’ve updated the navigation to help your LPs find their investments faster. LPs will be able to see all their fund and direct company investments displayed in the new left-hand navigation. 

New, more intuitive LP experience

They can click into an investment to learn more about it. The commitments page will allow LPs to see more useful data like total commitment, amount contributed, vintage year, and net asset balance. They’ll also be able to quickly access relevant documents such as K-1s, capital call notices, and LP agreements.

These new navigation features let LPs seamlessly navigate between their investments and find the metrics they need.

Investments in one place

New, more intuitive LP experience

Your LPs can now view all their investments in one place. When LPs click into the “All fund investments” page, they’ll be able to see important items like active capital calls, fund commitment information, and their active investments. More importantly, your LPs can group investments by single funds, firms or investment entities. This allows for more granular views when your LPs need it.

New, more intuitive LP experience

We’ve also made capital calls easier. Once you issue a capital call, it shows up on the all fund investments page, and your LPs can complete the steps to send their committed capital to your fund. 

At Carta, we think software should be easy to use for everyone. We hope these improvements help you streamline LP management and provide a great experience for them. We’re constantly working to improve our products and we’d like to hear your thoughts. Let us know what you think.

Author: Div Shivesh
Div is a Product Marketing Specialist at Carta. He's starting off his career at Carta after earning a B.A in Business Economics with a minor in Technology and Information Management from the University of California, Santa Cruz.
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