What to do after you accept a security

What to do after you accept a security

Author: Div Shivesh
Read time:  1 minute
Published date:  7 February 2020
Here’s what to do after you’ve accepted a security to optimize your Carta experience.

If you’re a partner at a VC fund, there’s a good chance you’ve accepted a security on Carta—over 90% of U.S-based VC firms have accepted securities on our platform. Here’s what to do after you’ve accepted a security to optimize your Carta experience. 

Track your portfolio companies
It’s easy to track your portfolio companies in Carta. If they already use Carta to manage their cap table, you’ll automatically get a free dashboard to track your holdings. After you accept your securities, simply login to view your dashboard and get real-time portfolio company data. 

What to do after you accept a security

Request cap table access
If a portfolio company issues your securities on Carta, you can request access to their cap table. Cap table access allows you to see important details such as cash raised, last preferred valuation, and your ownership percentage. 

Refer companies onto Carta

When you refer more companies to Carta, it’s easier to track everything on a single platform. Our partnerships team can help provide a discount for your portfolio companies. Just reach out by sending us an email

Carta for Fund Admin

When you upgrade to full-service fund administration, our dedicated team of experts partners with you to help meet your firm’s goals. We maintain your general ledger and other accounting statements, provide you with analytics and reporting, and help you with cash management. Plus, Carta always has up-to-date metrics like IRR and real-time portfolio company data. Learn more, or get started today.

Author: Div Shivesh
Div is a Product Marketing Specialist at Carta. He's starting off his career at Carta after earning a B.A in Business Economics with a minor in Technology and Information Management from the University of California, Santa Cruz.
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