A plan for every stage

Ideal for early-stage startups
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  • Cap table management
  • Employee share plan management
  • Round modelling
Essentials for growing companies
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  • EMI & CSOP valuations
  • EMI share plans
  • 50+ HR integrations
Additional access for scaling businesses
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  • 409A & growth share valuations
  • IFRS/UK GAAP reporting
  • EMI & CSOP valuations
For investors

Run your firm on Carta. Take advantage of our venture platform to easily set up and run funds and SPVs. Let us handle your back office, so you can spend more time funding the future.

Frequently asked questions

Why choose Carta Build?

Build is the right plan for European companies with straightforward equity needs. Customers on our Build plan have full access to cap table management, employee share plan management, round modelling and investor relations.

Why choose Carta Grow?

Grow is designed around UK companies, with an advanced offering that helps you design, set up and manage your ESOP. It includes access to EMI & CSOP valuations from our in-house team, and exit modelling, to help you plan for future exit scenarios.

Why choose Carta Scale?

Carta Scale is perfect for businesses with an international presence and complex accounting needs. Scale customers get everything from the Build and Grow plans, as well as 409A valuations and IFRS and GAAP-compliant expense reporting.


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