Unlock liquidity with market-driven pricing

Run private stock auctions via Carta Liquidity² to facilitate price discovery while maintaining control.

Icons Hero | Carta Cross Auctions | "Access liquidity"

Access liquidity

Unlike other secondary liquidity programs, auctions can be completed in fewer than 20 business days.

Icons Hero | Carta Cross Auctions | "Stay in control"

Stay in control

Determine who participates in transactions, and maintain control of who moves on or off your cap table.

Icons Hero | Carta Cross Auctions | "Seek market-driven pricing"

Seek market-driven pricing

Set a price range for your company’s stock and let the auction process do the rest. Carta Liquidity helps you discover the volume-maximizing price.


Cap table integration speeds up setup and transfers, while reducing potential errors.

Run an auction via Carta Liquidity

¹Available in certain countries

²Brokerage accounts and other brokerage services are offered through Carta Capital Markets, LLC (CCMX), a member of FINRA/SIPC. Please refer to important disclosures found here.