Accepting your securities on Capdesk

Accepting your securities on Capdesk

Author: Mikkel Boje
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Published date:  3 January 2023

The new year brings about changes in all of us, and Capdesk is no exception. If you’re a stakeholder in a company that uses Capdesk, you’ll soon notice our latest release. In this blog post, I’ll explain how accepting your securities on Capdesk will work in 2023 and why we believe it’s an exciting step forward for the platform.

Whatever kind of security you hold, be it shares, options or convertible debt, once the company you’re a stakeholder in joins Capdesk, you’re eligible for your own Capdesk account. We give each stakeholder their own account because we believe in equity transparency for all. Investors, advisors and employees are equally deserving of accurate, up-to-date information about their holdings. This year, we’re taking things further to ensure the data stored on Capdesk is correct.

Previously, all securities were viewable by stakeholders on Capdesk. We simply uploaded the information provided by customers and published it, on the assumption it was correct. Only transactions that took place online, such as issuing option grants digitally, required the stakeholder to engage with their account.

Going forward, we’ll ask stakeholders to review and accept all transactions on Capdesk. This additional step allows us to verify the information provided by customers, and help ensure their company records are correct. It also gives stakeholders the opportunity to review the information and flag anything that seems incorrect.

The process itself is very simple. As a stakeholder, you’ll receive an email from Capdesk prompting you to log into your account. If you follow the link in the email, you’ll be taken straight to the task page where you’ll find details of the transaction in question and an ‘accept’ button. If you need to clarify anything before accepting, please contact the company directly. If everything’s in order, just click ‘accept’ and you’re finished.


This update is designed to help people see more value in their Capdesk accounts. What’s more, it improves the accuracy of company records. The risk of incorrect data registered on Capdesk is minimised when stakeholders review and accept their securities. This is valuable for all companies, and essential for those using Capdesk as their shareholder register. It’s also a step towards greater visibility for stakeholders, something that’s integral to our mission.

To read about the process in more detail, take a look at the  help centre article. If you do not accept your securities on Capdesk, you will receive occasional reminders from the platform. However, you are not under any obligation to accept.

If you have feedback for us or questions about your account, please  get in touch with our support team – we always want to hear from you.

Mikkel Boje
Author: Mikkel Boje
Mikkel is our CTO and co-founder at Capdesk. He holds an MSc in Artificial Intelligence from University of Edinburgh and is part of the Copenhagen office.